About Me

I’m Sundance Clairance, a living fine arts painter in Manhattan New York City. 

All of my paintings are made in the USA on 100% cotton canvas.

I do not print  any of my Paintings.

Focused on Art Collectors and Investors, I offer to buy back my original 1/1 paintings after 3 years for 25% more then the invested cost. 

I feel it is extremely important to understand the $65 billion art industry a year and how it works as a strong investment.

Original art paintings are a form of currency.

You can own 1-5% of a $65 billion dollar annual global art industry, while indulging in an exclusive fine arts painting  investment movement.

My art is Influential, innovative and progressive. I’m constantly making new  art that is reinvented with a modern approach. 

I call it “Redefining luxury Art” for the 21st century. This reinforces my position as one of the world’s most desirable Fine arts Painter. 

The eclectic themes, romantic, contemporary, and vibrant colors schemes, represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail.

Invest in real art. Invests in my paintings.

Best regards,